7 thoughts on “THE Q IS NOT INFERIOR”

  1. Would you mind sharing where do you get the PP information? I used to tediously transfer data from the hockey database. There has to be something easier..


    1. I wish I had an easier solution for you as I have done countless hours doing tedious work in getting the PP information. I do not get why the CHL sites will have cumulative stats for PP goals but for assists they do not. All the information for PP stats is in the game summaries and someone with some programming knowledge better than I have may know a way to mine the data.


      1. Analyzing 25 years of OHL stats revealed 3 significant factors in predicting an NHL season with 1 PPG or more: point per game, age and proportion of points vs team total adjusted based on number of games. R=0.71. Would of been interesting to have had the PP info with that dataset. Age, goals and goals per game were not significant. That analysis was done 10 years ago using Minitab software. Always fascinated by the numbers. Thanks for posting your stuff.


      2. That is very interesting. It’s funny what one assumes and what one finds out when they actually run the numbers. My views towards scouting continue to evolve the more I research. I do want to add proportion of team scoring to my sample.


  2. Wouldn’t going back to 1998 going to far? All 3 leagues have changed vastly since then. I’m curious if the analysis going back just from 05-06 forward would look. Also, adding the USHL to the mix would be an interesting addition as well.


    1. No I don’t think it’s going back too far. The junior leagues have not seen as great a swing in league scoring like the NHL. The major difference I notice is in what we value for d-men and what skills are emphasized. That’s been the bigger change for juniors.

      USHL has changed a lot over the years in terms of skill. I did apply the formula to the USHL stats and will be doing a post in the future.


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