1. Hey, I saw this on oilers HFB. (Im IV XIV XCI on there).
    I am at work and was only able to skim this so perhaps you answered it above.

    We all know that the NHL has changed considerably in the last ten years and while Sid cracked 100 right away, he didnt even have 90 this year. What I wonder is, as the NHL game changed in the past decade, has the jr level game evolved in a similar manner?

    Has scoring decreased at a proportional rate? Have coaches changed systems and players changed their work ethic and rituals?

    If so, what do you think we’ll see from McDavid next year vs what he could have done in 2005


    1. The scoring in juniors took off post 2006 the same year it did in the NHL when Crosby entered the league post lock out. I haven’t seen the same downward trend in scoring in juniors as the NHL. As for what McDavid could do next year. I’ll do a early prediction of 75 points.


  2. Interesting read. Thanks for posting.

    Out of curiosity, do you think draft -1 season has an effect on overall potential? I ask because that’s one area where Crosby very clearly had McDavid beat. It’s not easy to find those areas. What do you make of it?


    1. I do not pay much attention to draft -1. If anything players who do well early get overrated and scouts have trouble letting go of that early potential. That’s why I cant tell you very much about 2016. That’s for next season.


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