2 thoughts on “REINHART PART DEUX”

  1. Fantastic work, as always. I was extremely opposed to the trade when it happened. I believe the words, “I thought these days were over!” may or may not have been uttered. But subsequent looks and studies such as yours have quelled a lot of that initial anxiety. Nurse-Klefbom-Reinhart, should youth not get in the way, will be a fantastic LHD depth chart in a few years. All three are good defensively, all are big, all have good first passes, all are smart, all are somewhat (or in Nurse’s case, definitely) physical, and all have promising if not overwhelming offensive games. Oh, and two of them can skate like the wind.

    You can see why Chiarelli made the deal. It’s certainly an appealing thought.


  2. my personal opinion is that Reinhart deliberately tanked it in New York, as he refused to work on his skating, stating multiple times to Islander coaches and sound tiger staff that his skating was “good enough” yet as soon as he was traded back to Edmonton, he acquiesced to Bob Greens suggestion that he work with David Pelletier the Oilers skating coach…..

    Reinhart has been in close contact with Green since being drafted and it would not surprise me if the two of them orchestrated the trade in order to bring “big Griff” back to where he always wanted to play

    it would not surprise me in the slightest if Reinhart’s level of play took a quantum leap forward now that he’s finally got what he’s wanted since being drafted……


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