8 thoughts on “2018-19 DRAFT MODEL UPDATE PART I: DMEN”

    1. Depends on the return. Nurse can put up points, which is great, and he benefited from Klefbom and Sekera injuries last year and Sekera injuries 2 years ago, which pumped up his stats a bit as both were ahead of Nurse for PP time and for on the ice with McDavid. The biggest issue with Nurse is that he is not good at transitioning the puck out of his own end to the forwards and either skates it out or puts it off the glass. Both of those options catch the forwards off footed or with no speed and really hurts the attack which affects the overall offense and momentum.

      So, the question is, does Nurses individual offense make up for the anchor he is in transitioning to the forwards and hurting the overall offense of the team? I would suggest it does and with Holland stating many times that they need dmen who are quick to make tape to tape passes to the forwards to apply pressure and create offense, it is clear that Nurse does not fit that requirement.

      Nurses value will never be higher than it is right now. He had a career year in points (helped by injuries) and is having a decent World Championships. He also has 1 more year at a bargain $3.2 mill.

      The other concern is that last summer Nurse was asking for over $5 mill on a long term deal and next summer he will be looking for at least $6.5 mill. Trouba is rumored to be asking for at least $7 mill. Nurse will never pass Klefbom on the depth chart and $6.5 is WAY too much to pay for a second pairing dman. I don’t think Nurse will ever be a top pairing guy unless he is partnered with an elite stud.

      That brings us back to what you could get in return. If the Oilers can get a 30 goal winger that is locked up on a decent contract of $6 mill or less, that would be a good return as a 30 goal scorer UFA will command $7.5 mill or more.

      If you can get a better puck mover and better offensive dman that is a true PP QB that is signed long term to a contract of $6 mill or less, that would also be good return as those players are getting well north of $7 mill right now.

      Possible forwards:
      Elhers ($6×6), Gallager ($3.75×2), Johnson ($5×5), Athenaseau (RFA 2020), Rackell ($3.7×3), Trochek ($4.7×3), Huberdeau ($5.9×4 and rumoured to be on the block to make room for Panarin and Bobrovsky and they need help on defense. It will take much more to get him and I would give up Nurse and the 8th for Huberdeau)

      Possible defensemen:
      Dumba ($6×5), Gostisbehere ($4.5×4), Ekholm ($3.75×3), Severson ($4.1×4), Pesce ($4×5), Parayko ($5.5×3),

      Trading Nurse and getting any of the above in return make the Oilers a better team and also controls their salary cap better as most are much cheaper than Nurse will be after his new deal.



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